Additional Services

Wellness and Stress Reduction Seminars for Businesses

Keep your employees healthy, happy and productive. Simple techniques used throughout the day reduce stress, improve posture and ergonomics and enhance productivity.
“Let me come to you.”

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is a powerful tool for healing the body, mind and spirit.  One on one personal instruction focusing on the therapeutic aspexts of yoga is available with Phyllis Johnston.  For 10 years, Phyllis has worked with people with back pain, cancer, asthma, chronic pain, injury, illness and disease to improve their quality of life often helping them avoid surgery and reduce dependence on medications.  Call to schedule.


Private Yoga Classes

Phyllis Johnston is offering an hour long private yoga class focusing on relaxation. As an option, conclude with a half hour Reiki session. Learn techniques for health and stress reduction and cement the benefits during the Reiki session. The charge is $75 an hour or $100 for an hour and a half session consisting of both yoga and Reiki. Contact Phyllis Johnston for more information.

Reiki is a simple, non-invasive natural and safe method for healing and self improvement.  It works as a compliment to other medical and therapeutic techniques and religious beliefs.  Reiki treats the whole person and its benefits include relaxation, healing and feelings of well being.

Reiki is administered with a light “laying on hands” or no touch at all.  You are fully clothed during the treatment session.  The Reiki, or universal life energy, will flow to where it is needed.  All you have to do is lie back and relax.

Yoga Parties

Bring a group of family, friends or co-workers in for your own private yoga class.  Lots of fun for all ages.  Gentle classes are taught at a level appropriate for all participants.  Could be a great friend’s night out, birthday bash or stress reliever.  Call or email to schedule.
One hour children’s party - $100 (maximum 10 participants)
One and one half hour adult party - $150 (maximum 12 participants)

Private Room Rental

A private room suitable for one on one consultations, music lessons, massage therapy, etc. is available to rent on a part or full time basis. Please contact Phyllis Johnston for more information.

Drum and Guitar Instruction

Contact Lou Torchio at 410.758.0037. | | 410.310.6803 | 205 East Water Street, Suite C | Centreville, MD